Frequently Asked Questions

How the vocabulary size is estimated?

The most accurate way to count someone's vocabulary would be to go through all words in the dictionary and count how many you knew. Instead, we check every N word in 2 steps which allows us to define it with about 20% margin of error. There are lots of factors that go into measuring someone's vocabulary size — for example, do you count "simple" and "simply" as two words or just one? We take a conservative approach and count the number of headwords (not derived words) which you are estimated to know in a standard dictionary.

The test provides an estimate of your actual vocabulary size. It certainly cannot be taken as a precise tool to measure a vocabulary size.

How to share to Climb?

Climb allows to easily add new words to your library. Here is a video demo: how to Share to Climb.

Climb allows to easily add new words to your library. Here is a video demo for iOS 12 and iOS 13.

I use Kindle on my iPhone, how do I share from it to Climb?

Kindle has a custom share dialog. While it provides useful information, it also makes it tricky to share to Climb. Here is a video demo: how to Share to Climb from Kindle.

Sharing from iBooks

Unfortunately, sharing from iBooks only works normally with extensions that were provided by Apple. It seems like it has been broken since 2015. 😔
We're thinking of other options to make sharing from iBooks possible.

Android, web, and other platforms?

Currently, Climb is available only for iOS. Please submit this form for other platforms.

Change language

Currently, Climb supports only English learning. More languages will be added soon, please submit this form to help us prioritize

Export lists

To export any of your lists, simple tap "Edit" icon and copy all words.

Something doesn't work

We're sorry about that. Please email us at and we'll do our best to resolve your issue.

Other inquiries

Please reach out us at

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