The Advanced Learning

It’s more and less easy to pick up a new language and learn the basics. We’re sure that you know the following pretty well, but It takes much more effort to master the language and to speak comfortably.

Once you reach an advanced level in a language, your next big target is the diversification of your vocabulary and achieving better pronunciation. Both are an incremental exercise. If you hope for great results in a short period of time – well, your expectations are likely to be dashed. Huge breakthroughs come from taking tiny steps.

These tiny steps must be conscientiously made. Every time you share to Climb, make sure to carefully listen to how the word is pronounced. Repeat it to yourself several times. Make a mental note.

For example, did you know that “situation” isn’t pronounced like this “set-yu-ae-shan”, but instead more like this “sechyu-wei-shan”?

That’s the nature of the English language – it’s not the most complicated, but its pronunciation has lots of nuances.

This was our entire concept behind the name “climb”; when you climb a ladder, you move up rung by rung, each small incremental step building on where you were previously. Eventually, you will close the gap between you and a native speaker.

Climb is a language-learning application for advanced speakers. It boosts your vocabulary by helping you to discover and memorize new words.

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