a language learning application
for intermediate and advanced speakers

change language

Currently, the Climb app supports only English learning. More languages will be added very soon, please submit this form to help us prioritize

export lists

To export any of your lists, simple tap "Edit" and copy all words.

sharing from iBooks

Unfortunately, sharing from iBooks only works normally with extensions that were provided by Apple. It seems like it has been broken since 2015. :(
We're thinking of other options to make sharing from iBooks possible.

definition doesn't load

This is for the following case: If you're tapping on a word and it shows an "endless" placeholder UI loading. If it's something else, please let us know.
During the first launch of the app, it takes some time to prepare the built-in dictionary. On iPhone 11 Pro, it takes about 8 seconds. On iPhone 5s (yes, we support it), it takes about 3 minutes. Later, we will be optimizing this, but for now, sorry about the wait and just make sure you have the screen open for 3 minutes and it should work fine.

app size

Installed version of the app is less than 50MB. We also have the English dictionary available offline and that takes an additional 150MB. We're going to optimze this so that we don't take so much app space

something doesn't work

We're sorry about that. Please email us at support@theclimb.app and we'll do our best to resolve your issue.

other inquiries

Please reach out us at info@theclimb.app